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Class Period 1
Mountain Dulcimer 101 (Beginner) Dusty Thorburn“Chop and Groove” (Advanced) Erin Mae LewisTraditional & Holiday Duets (Adv. Beginner-Intermediate) DJ HamourisChords for Beginners in DAdd (Beginners) Steve Eulberg

Class Period 2
44 Pistol Under My Head: American Murder Ballads (advanced beginner/intermediate) Dusty ThorburnFiddle Tunes (Beginner) Erin Mae LewisScottish Tunes & Ballads (Intermediate) Neal HellmanHalf the Frets/All the Music (Intermediate) Steve Eulberg

Class Period 3
Aeolian Mode for Beginners (Beginner) Neal HellmanImprovising Melody, Chords and Rhythm: Take the Risk! (Adv. Beginner-Intermediate) Joellen LapidusBluegrass Jam Skills (Intermediate) Erin Mae LewisFingerpicking Joy (Advanced) Steve Eulberg